In loving memory of Alicia Ross
Alicia and Sharon

Sharon's Thank-you

Before I begin, my family and I wish to express our thanks.

People have been so very kind and supportive of my family during these last seven weeks. To all those who've called, and written incredibly supportive and uplifting letters, emails and cards — thank you. To those who have cooked and baked — thank you. To those who have sent flowers and baskets, and lit candles — thank you. To those hundreds who went on the search, and some who kept searching — thank you. To everyone: thank you for your prayers.

There are, however, specific people who deserve recognition. The media played a great part in helping us put our plea forward for the return of our baby. Thanks go to The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, and The Toronto Sun. Their reporters (especially Christine Blatchford, Linda Diebel and Vivian Song) who kept saying to me "Sharon, it's important to keep this alive." Thanks also to CFRB Radio, Global TV, City TV, and CP24 — again especially Peter Shurman, Catherine McDonald and Naomi Parness, for doing the same.

Special thanks to every single person for effort above and beyond in getting posters out there — especially my colleagues and friends at Gowlings. Thanks to all those who allowed Alicia's photo to stay up for so long on their storefront windows. And to my cousin Shirley — who stayed up nights and just wouldn't give up until Alicia's photo and our message was on every jumbotron in the GTA.

Thank you to Benjamin's Funeral Home for their professionalism mixed with that special understanding, and to the Beth Emeth congregation and Rabbi Morrison for their generosity today. Special thanks to Rabbi Yossi, for his tremendous heart, and to Rabbi Plotkin and his wonderful wife, Goldy, for holding my hand so many times, and who made sure our family always had the basics for Shabbat dinner, and to their congregation and to all our wonderful Thornhill neighbours and friends who kept us fed for weeks.

Thank you to my children's friends who have been pillars of strength for them. And thank you to my husband's and my special friends, brother and sisters and other relatives, without whom we could not have gotten up each morning. Our grateful thanks to those who never let me give up hope.

And lastly, a most special thanks to York Regional Police, who just wouldn't give up on finding Alicia. I know that more officers than we could imagine, and never met, have worked on this case — and we thank them.

But my family sends special thanks to: Constable Clint Whitney, Detective Tim Kelly, Detective John Braybrook, Inspector Craig Rogers, Sergeant Keith Merith, Sergeant Tom Carrique, Detective Tim Gore, Detective Bruce West, Detective Randy Martin, Detective Tom Conley, Inspector Tony Cusimano, Detective Tom Thompson, and Detective Ian Hill — our "Linus Blanket" during this ordeal, and Deputy Chief of Police Eric Joliffe, and last but not least, Chief of Police Armand La Barge, who did not let us down. Lastly, thank you to Chief Coroner Barry McLellan who took care of our baby, before giving her back to us.

To everyone, and anyone who we may have missed: Thank you so very much.

Sharon's eulogy